About us

Have you ever received a gift that just felt special? That's because it was made especially for you, touched your heart, and was full of creativity. We know this feeling well, which is why we founded Confetti in 2020. We aim to make gift-giving an art that brings people closer together and makes cherished memories. We believe that gifting should be effortless, so we take care of all the details, from sourcing the perfect products to packaging and shipping.

At Confetti, we believe that anything is possible with hard work, passion, and dedication. We started with just a few people in a small room, but now we've grown into a team of extremely talented individuals who are all passionate about providing the best gift-giving experience possible. We've got something for everyone- from useful corporate gifts for everyday office use for your employees to corporate gift boxes with unique themes. 

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: To Provide Unrivaled Service That Strengthens Relationships And Brings Joy To People's Lives. We're passionate about creativity and quality, and our exciting and innovative gift hampers reflect that. Our ultimate goal is to make gift-giving experiences that are fun, fresh, and unforgettable. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a world where people feel more emotionally connected to one another, where every occasion is a chance to celebrate and enrich lives. We aspire to help our customers life's most precious moments.

About Our Founder

Saumya Kabra

Saumya Kabra, our Founder and CEO, loves bringing her vibrant ideas to life. After completing her Master’s in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship from the University of Manchester, she decided to begin her journey as a businesswoman with Confetti Gifts. The inspiration behind it? A minor gifting crisis that she faced herself when she had to come up with a gift for her friend! 

She started from the ground up, and once she set her mind on making Confetti Gifts the number one corporate gifting destination, there was no looking back. 

Our Next Step : Revolutionizing Corporate Gifting

At Confetti, we've been fortunate enough to experience remarkable growth and success. But we're not stopping there. Our next aim is to become a leading player in the corporate gifting industry.

We believe that corporate gifts should be more than just a gesture. They should reflect the values of your organization and cultivate stronger relationships with your customers, employees, and partners. That's why we take great pride in crafting gifts that are personal and meaningful, beyond their monetary value.

Picture this: your clients or employees are unwrapping their gift and their faces light up with joy and gratitude. That's the kind of experience we aim for with our corporate hampers. And that's why we pour our hearts into designing each corporate hamper, with the aim of making every unboxing a truly extraordinary moment.

We have thoughtfully curated our services, too. Be it branded gift packaging or a personalized gifting microsite, you can create a truly memorable gifting experience for your clients. And with top companies already recognizing our expertise in just three years, we're excited for what the future holds.